2015 Food Trends

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As each New Year starts food scientist and food enthusiasts make predictions about food trends for the coming year! Be on the lookout for the following food trends for 2015 from Food, Nutrition & Science Newsletter (Nov 26 2014):

Grocery delivery – Soon the excuse “I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store” may be in the past with same day delivery of groceries to businesses and customers. This will provide customers with access to fresh healthy food items which will increase food security for those who cannot drive, or have physical limitations. In Calgary the following grocery stores currently offering delivery: Sunterra Market, Walmart, Spud, Super Delivery, and Green Earth Organics.

Smoked Everything – Just when you thought the year of bacon lovers was over! Now that smoky flavour and aroma is being added to vegetables, butters, and even some cocktails! 

Fermented foods – such as Keifer, tempeh, and pickles will be on the rise in 2015! These fermented foods are packed with good bacteria boosting compounds, which help to create health bacteria in our guts and aid in healthy digestion! Fermentation of foods dates back to ancient times when alcoholic beverages were naturally fermented from fruit, and rice. Today fermented teas, and cold drinks are becoming more popular.

Local craft foods, and beers rose in popularity in 2014 and will continue to make their way into restaurants, grocery stores, and markets. 

Nutrition labels will soon be available on more than just packaged foods. Soon nutrition labels will be available to consumers in restaurants, cafes, and all food items. With the overall goal of this is to help Canadians make healthier food choices.

Supermarkets will transform into more than just a grocery store they will be a place for socialization & healthy lifestyle teachings. Check out your local grocery stores and markets to see what new healthy lifestyle and social events they have planned for 2015! 

Be sure to try some of these new food trends for 2015 from the Food, Nutrition, and Science Newsletter (Nov 26 2014)! Happy New Years from Poppy Innovations! We look forward to seeing you in 2015!