Applications for High River Donations Committee

The committee overseeing funds donated to the town is finalizing its application process, which will come before council for approval on December 9.

The Community Donations Advisory Committee (CDAC) was formed in October to help oversee the more than $800,000 in the High River Flood Relief Fund.

Both individuals and corporations have donated to the fund to help rebuild the town following the flood, including a donation of $80,000 from a Heartland fundraiser and $26,500 from the Boston Pizza Foundation. The money is currently being held in trust in a Royal Bank of Canada account.

An interim committee of seven people has been tasked with developing an application process, which they endorsed at their first meeting held in late November.

Once High River town council approves the application, residents and local organizations can begin to apply to the fund, which has established a broad mandate of assisting “live, work and play” initiatives to help the town rebuild from the flood.

“We don’t want to limit anyone in terms of coming forward with projects,” said Sharon McCormick, manager of planning in the High River Renewal Office, on the types of initiatives the fund will help.

“We know that the impact of the flood ran deep in terms of impacting not only people’s personal lives, but also the lives of business owners and the business community as a whole. It’s also had an impact in terms of people’s quality of life. So that was the intention of those three priority areas.

“It’s an opportunity for organizations and service groups and associations to come forward with their great ideas in terms of what they can do to improve each of those areas in the community.”

To read more the article appearing in the December 2 2013 High River Times, click here.