Buy Local this Christmas

rustic_christmas_dining_room_ideasGet the biggest bang for your buck this Holiday Season by shopping local.  Not only will you be feeding your family and guests delectable food but your money spent will also support growers, ranchers, and producers as well as small business owners in your very own community.
It is widely viewed that local food, being harvested closer to home and therefore at its peak of ripeness, offers fulsome  flavour and nutritional density then food that is transported for great distances. Take advantage of this during the Christmas season to eat well and support local.  
Here’s where you can find ingredients and products raised, grown or made in our area:
REAP Business Association (REAP stands for Respect for Earth and All People) has a directory of locally owned businesses that care about our planet and community.  Check out their directory of grocery stores, markets and farms in our very own community at
Visit farmers’ market for fresh foods and artisan products to adorn your table and delight your loved ones with unique gifts for under the tree. Listings of markets in our city can be found Many markets also offer events for people of all ages.  Santa will be at the Calgary Farmers’ Market on Dec 4 and 5th!
Find local farms and producers by visiting  Farm Fresh Alberta has a comprehensive guide to local food. You can locate local farms that offer gate sales or distribution sites for where their products are available.  Listings include fruit, vegetable, and meat producers in various regions across the province.  
You can order your turkey online from Winter’s Turkeys, get your made-from-scratch pies and preserves from Saskatoon Berry Farm, accompany your meal with gourmet mustard from Brassica Mustard and it may surprise you that there is also a great selection of local wine and meaderies to serve to your guests. The sheer number and variety of food grown and produced right here in our own backyard is amazing.  
This Christmas, go loco! Shop local!