Gardening Year Round – Winter Gardening Activities

winter gardening activitiesWhether you are a seasoned gardener or a wanna-be gardener, you don’t have to wait until the temperature outside warms up to garden.  We are sharing our winter gardening activities so you can keep on growing!


  • Check stored vegetables, tubers, and bulbs; remove any spoiled ones immediately.
  • Try to keep less hardy perennials covered with snow to insulate against cold.
  • Review your notes from the last growing season and begin planning next year’s garden.
  • Seed catalogs are now being sent out.  Go online to order your catalogues and order your seeds in the New Year. 
  • On a warm day, trim back and mulch perennials.
  • Those seed pods and seed heads you gathered earlier are excellent holiday gifts!
  • Continue harvesting greens from row hoops or cold frames.  On warm days, vent cold frames, row hoops and greenhouses so you don’t cook your veggies!
  • Try growing salad greens and herbs indoors in south facing window of your house.
  • Take photos of your property to see where moisture accumulates and wind may be drying out soil to decide what needs changing with garden locations and type of vegetation to grow in those areas.
  • Plant seeds to overwinter using plastic containers.  Put them outside, leave them alone and let Mother Nature take care of the rest.  See our previous post on this for instructions.