GG’s Childhood Cooking Memory

Beaters, batter and finger-licking goodness:  The Kenwood mixer was a pillar of our kitchen in the 70’s. You remember the old-style, with the metal bowl that secures to a turn plate and two large beaters that click in place. All together everything spins at speed 1, or 2 or 3 to create whatever deliciousness was on the menu that day. My fondest memories in the kitchen revolve around our Kenwood mixer. I was in charge of scraping the batter off the sides of the bowl back into the middle so the beaters could do their job. Cookie and cake batter were my favourite. As I sat on the counter with a wooden spoon, doing my assigned job, I would sneak little samples – you know, to ensure quality control. I was sure my mom never knew until one time, laughing her head off, she pulled out her camera to document the moment. Me, sitting on the counter with fingers, face, spoon and counter covered in chocolate cake batter. My reward – I got to lick the beaters too.


I cherish those same memories …. and making them with my own kids.  Thanks for sharing.