Holiday and Healthy Appetizers for Christmas Entertaining


At this time of year, we all like to indulge and it’s easy to consume many rich and caloric foods because “that’s what you do during the holidays”! It is also possible to enjoy highly flavourful and satisfying foods that are nutrient dense, providing our bodies what they need to give us the energy and feeling of wellbeing over the holidays. Here are our tips:

* Use whole foods such as whole grains, vegetables & fruit, lean protein, legumes, to provide energy from complex carbohydrates that keep your blood sugar in check;

* Eat smaller meals throughout the day, instead of “saving yourself” for a large/heavy meal. This is easier on your digestive system and reduces likelihood of gas and bloating;

* Drink water between meals, as opposed to during meals as water can dilute digestive juices, slowing digestion;

* Aim to contribute a healthy dish when visiting others, or when hosting others so you know there is at least one dish can snack on without hesitation;

* Be cautious with “creamy” ingredients. Raw cashews are a great substitute for a creamy effect while providing excellent nutrition;

* Ensure you are consuming dietary fibre (e.g. whole grains, fruit, vegetables, legumes) to keep the digestive system regular during what can become atypical eating patterns;

* Balance “acid forming” foods (e.g. sugar, alcohol, meat, cheese) with “alkaline forming” foods such as lemon and dark, leafy greens;

* Keep an eye on portion sizes;

* Pre-eat before an event (something with protein and vegetables to stabilize blood sugar levels) to reduce the likelihood of overeating at the event; and

* Take time to enjoy the food, so as to eat less and avoid feeling bloated and uncomfortable.


We wish you a most joyful season of entertaining!