How Old Should My Child Be to Cook?

How old should your child be to start learning to cook and be in the kitchen?  This is a common question that enters the minds of many parents.

The answer is that the sooner you are able to introduce flavours, tastes and involvement of your children in food preparation, the better.  Better for you as a parent because you are developing interest and skills to your child and better for the child to learn these qualities at a young age when they are naturally curious to learn.




Tips to Cooking with Your Young Child:

  • Think about the 5 senses. For instance, ask your child to spell the recipe/ingredient, observe the colour, feel the food being prepared, taste the herb/spice, listen to the sizzling of the pan.
  • Create a colourful plate – a colourful plate is a healthy plate! The vibrant colours of produce comes from phytochemicals which are also disease fighting chemicals. Eat a range of different coloured produce every day.
  • Review the recipe – your child can help you get equipment and ingredients out

Listen to our segment on Global Morning News for more handy tips for parents on what they can do to teach foodskills to their youngsters Cooking with Young Children

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