It’s a Dads Day!

Father’s Day is coming on June 21st this year, a time to honour our father who raised us, loved us and taught us life’s important lessons.  It is a time to reflect.  So let’s take a quick look at how Father’s Day began.  
The modern version of Father’s Day celebration originated in United States and thereafter the tradition spread in countries around the world. The idea of Father’s Day celebration originated from a young woman named Sonora Dodd following a Mother’s Day sermon she heard in 1909. Sonora felt strongly for fathers because of the affection she received from her own father who raised Sonora and 5 siblings as a single father.
Ms Dodd began a rigorous campaign in Spokane Washington to celebrate Father’s Day in US. The Spokane Ministerial Association and the local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) supported Sonora’s cause. As a result Spokane celebrated its first Father’s Day on June 19, 1910. Though there was initial hesitation the idea gained gradual popularity all over US and Fathers Day came to be celebrated in cities across the country. 
With the heightened popularity of Father’s Day in US, President Woodrow Wilson approved of this idea in 1916. However it was not made a permanent national holiday until 1972 when President Richard Nixon established a permanent national observance of Father’s Day to be held on the third Sunday of June. 
According to Stats Canada, in 2011 there were over 8.611,000 fathers in Canada including biological, adoptive and stepfathers.  On June 21st enjoy this special day to honour your father and other men of significance in your life.  We want to hear about your favorite memory of your Dad.  Tell us your favorite food-related memory on our Facebook page and you could win a fabulous gift package from Crop!