MP’s Favorite Childhood Cooking Memory

My favorite “childhood” cooking memory is not my tastiest one, but it is my funniest.  Back in my first year of college, my room mate and I decided to try batch cooking, and figured that we could easily pull off a big pot of soup without looking at a recipe.  The culinary instincts of two 18 year-old males led to a steaming vat of hot water, mutilated tomatoes, raw chicken, and whatever random spices we unearthed from the cupboard – mostly hot pepper flakes.  Needless to say, it was not the delicious stew that we had dreamed of.  From that day on, we just followed the recipe.


I have to give you a lot of credit – I think I survived University years on Popsicles.  Kudos for your efforts.  Thanks for your entry.