One Meal One Family – Taking Back Dinnertime Jan 6 2016

Families that eat together have healthier eating habits according to a study from the Public Health Agency of Canada. Busy schedules and varying food preferences can hinder the family meal time, but Poppy Innovations hopes to make eating together more achievable through a four class series for anyone who cooks for others.

“It doesn’t matter if you are cooking for your friends, spouse, or children, this course is designed to help you prepare a meal that will be delicious and adaptable to satisfy everyone you are serving in order to free up time to spend together around the table – not in the kitchen,” says Sharon McCormick, CEO of Poppy Innovations. 

Cooking a decent healthy meal takes time and energy, mix in fussy eaters and different taste preferences and it’s no wonder family meal time is being ditched for “grab whatever you want” dinners. But with obesity rates in adults doubling over the past 25 years and tripling in children, it has never been more important to develop healthy eating habits. The key to reversing this trend is through improved food literacy, which is the skills, behaviour and knowledge to choose and prepare nutritious food.

One meal, one family is a great example of how Poppy Innovations is dedicated to improving the food literacy of Calgarians through hands-on education programs. “Participants will learn new recipes to adapt one meal for household members at various stages of eating (babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults with different food tastes and requirements) to ensure all family members consume their nutritional requirements in a tasty meal, regain time to spend connecting with their family and reduce costs associated with preparing multiple meals for one dinner” says McCormick.

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