SW’s Childhood Cooking Memory

When I was around 12 years old and first starting to experiment with cooking, I tried to impress a boy I had a crush on by making him a cake. I remember thinking to myself that I had seen my mother do it a hundred times, and I was therefore probably an expert baker. It never occurred to me that when I saw my mom using those little cups to measure out the flour and sugar that she was actually measuring the ingredients; I thought she was just adding stuff to the batter at random – so that’s what I proceeded to do.

In went a cup of flour, a large bowl of sugar, three spoonfuls of cereal, half a carton of milk, five eggs (including a healthy dose of eggshell), a handful of cocoa, and whatever was left in my glass of Koolaid. I somehow managed to use the oven without burning the house down, but my cake’s end result was still a gooey, blackened mess. I decided to pretty it up by completely covering the gloppy pile in marshmallows, drizzled in Nesquick.

I gleefully ran my creation over to my crush’s house, who had the miraculous decency to complement me very politely on my work. I never actually saw whether he ate it or not, but he didn’t come to school the next day and I think I probably know why. My mom found out when she came home that day, and she still laughs about it – I’ll never forget it, and I’m pretty sure my old crush hasn’t either!


Wonderful memory, thanks for sharing.