Top 4 Ways to Eat Local in Winter

gate to plate imageHey there fellow locavores, don’t despair about the arrival of winter.  While having a completely local diet is virtually impossible, there are still plenty of options. Here are our 4 tips for eating local foods in the winter.

  1. Freezing – this may be done by yourself when local produce is in season however, even if the opportunity has passed you by this season, look for locally grown fruits, berries and vegetables in the frozen section of the supermarket and the farmers’ market.  When flash frozen these foods will retain much of their flavour and nutrients.
  2. Preserving – there are many other methods of preserving food in addition to freezing.  These include drying, canning, and fermenting. It is not too late.  Hardy vegetables and fruit grown locally can be stored for long periods of time under the right conditions.  So, check out produce like cabbage, carrots, apples, pears, potatoes and other root vegetables. 
  3. Meats, Grains, Dairy – of course, there are plenty of foods other than produce that is raised and produced right here.  These include meats, grains and many dairy products.  Did you know that wild rice is grown in Manitoba? Local grains such as barley are a great local alternative to rice.
  4. Grow your own food inside or outside – Got a green thumb?  Winter harvesting with the use of growing tunnels works well for hardy greens. Sprouts and herbs can also be a great addition for a kitchen garden and will keep freshness right at your finger tips.