Trend Watch 2016

This week on our social media feeds we are sharing a number of food trends for 2016 and reviewing bad trends of 2015.  Here’s a few of our favorites:
What’s Out:
Dollar menus at fast food outlets.  Not for the reasons you may think. Cost of food has risen!
Franken Foods – two or more popular foods combined like burgers made with donuts for a bun. See ya, won’t miss ya!
Insanely flavoured potato chips – Are the Lays Do Us a Flavour Canada potato chips a thing of the past already?  Have seen them on the shelves but haven’t tried them nor will I. I’m a purist when it comes to chips!
What’s In:
New definition of healthy food in fast food sector.  Focus on production chain and transparency. Consumers want to know where the food came from and what’s in it.  Thank goodness you are having an impact!
“Brinner” breakfast for dinner.  My personal fav! Cost effective and quick to prepare.
Bite sized – break out the muffin pan or make your food into bite sized balls for your kids.  Its fun and fits in small hands to grab and go.  Check out our recipes for mini frittatas, quinoa bites and muffins in our online Recipe Box.
Veggies Swaps – meatless versions of favorite recipes.  Why not!  Meatless Monday is a good start to change up weeknight meals.
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