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Poppy Innovations is changing the way we eat to build healthier communities.

But we can’t do it alone. It is through the generosity of sponsors that we have been able to empower Calgarians to actively be involved in producing their own healthy food through activities like gardening, canning and cooking since 2014.

Benefits of Sponsorship

As a sponsor of Poppy Innovations, your organization will be commended for a commitment to the health of Calgarian families and communities as well our local food system. Working together we will continue to cultivate a more sustainable future with communities that are invested in growing, eating and purchasing local food.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

We are currently seeking sponsors for the following programs:

  • Food sponsor for cooking classes
  • Kitchen equipment sponsor
  • Kids gardening program sponsor
The facts:

Despite years of awareness campaigns, the number of obese Canadians continues to rise:

  • Seven out of 10 children ages 4 to 8, and half of adults, do not eat the recommended amount of vegetables and fruit.
  • Children who are obese are at increased risk of remaining overweight or obese as adults.
  • Since 1978 childhood obesity rates have more than doubled. Today 1 out of 3 Canadian children are overweight or obese.
  • If current trends continue, by 2040, up to 70% of adults aged 40 years will be either overweight or obese.
  • 7.7% of households in Canada (1.9 million people) report being “food insecure” (unable to access adequate food with good nutritional value). Therefore this population has a lower intake of fruits and vegetables, suffer from malnutrition, consume more processed foods, trans fats and sugar.
It’s Working

Our goal is to improve these statistics by teaching Canadians to grow, preserve and prepare healthy and nutritious food.

Our Community Report for 2017 – 2018:

1057 children improved their nutrition and food skills in 2018. Wow! We increased our reach by 39% compared to 2017 and had over 1000 children through all our programs.

317children specifically participated in cooking programs with a parent. That’s a 22% increase from 2017. In 2018, we were proud to join up with Parkdale Community Association to offer more of our programs in in northwest Calgary.

288children took part in our summer and PD Camps in 2018. Developing day camps was a priority for Poppy Innovations this past year as we heard more and more parents asking for programs where the kids would be actively engaged and learning independently. 

48children were actively involved edible gardening workshops to learn about growing their own food. In the third year of the Cre*Ate Kids Garden Club sponsored by Nutrien Inc and Calgary Farmers’ Market.  This year we partnered with Kids Up Front, a non-profit that provides nurturing and inspiring experiences to deserving kids, teens and families. Nutrien’s sponsorship supported 6 kids to attend the Kids Garden Club program this summer.  These children would not otherwise be able to access the program and now have developed food literacy skills to last them a lifetime.

63 people learned to can & preserve in our classes to store wholesome, seasonal food. A 21% increase from 2017 showing growing interest in learning how to preserve your own food and control your own flavours and ingredients found in store bought products.  In 2018 we introduced a wide range classes on fermentation including sourdough bread making, lactofermentation, pressure canning and of course, hot water bath method of canning.

100% Community garden plots were rented.  Growing your own food is is maintaining its popularity.  The benefits are plentiful! Not only do gardeners reap fresh produce to eat healthier, they also gain closeness to nature and socialization at the same time.

96%of past participants surveyed report that they eat healthy more often than before the program. When asked about eating habits prior to the program, 52% reported eating healthy everyday and 8% reported they did not eat healthy very often.

100%of parents reported a dramatic increase in their confidence of their child’s skills in the kitchen. After the six week session all of the parents reported they were either ‘confident’ or ‘quite confident’ in their child’s cooking ability

452 students in our schools learned how plants grow, how to grow and prepare their own food in our Edible Education program – a great way to reconnect with their food system in hands-on ways.  

I learned to cook healthier meals for me and my daughter
Class participant
I would not have thought my nine-year-old could chop, but he learned how to in the the class and now helps with dinner at home!
Class participant
The class really lit a spark in my children…they love to help in the kitchen now!
Class participant

We owe a big thanks to our partners including Nutrien, Calgary Farmers’ Market, Save On Foods, Spud, Legendary Flatlands 4H Club as well as schools working directly with Poppy Innovations for our success in our Edible Education program this year. 

Advantages of Sponsorship
To continue doing this important work, we need your help.

As a sponsor of Poppy Innovations you empower Calgarians to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families, an impact that will last a lifetime. Each sponsorship opportunity is unique and will be customized to your organization’s needs. Here are some of the benefits we offer to our sponsors:

  • Mention on sponsorship page on Poppy Innovations website
  • Social media mention on twitter and facebook
  • Logo on class materials like recipes, nutrition guides etc.
  • Mention in Poppy Innovations newsletter
  • Provision of store discount coupons to participants
  • Class hosted for staff
  • Promotional item for participants (with donor logo)-cooking, gardening, canning tool
  • Recipe using donor products
  • Discount for staff at Poppy events
  • Banner placement in kitchen or facility
  • Mention of donor and what they have supplied, during the class
Bigger Benefits:
  • Joint press release
  • Speaking opportunity for donor company
  • Article in newsletter about new sponsorship
  • Logo on aprons
  • Naming of event using donor name

Our deepest gratitude to our sponsors assisting in making learning to cook affordable and accessible. 










To join our valued sponsors and partners and help change the way we eat, contact Sharon McCormick, Founder & President at or 403.919.0176 today.






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