Is Pasta Good for You?

Yes. Pasta is great source of carbohydrates, which are the body and brain’s primary source of energy. Choosing the right kinds of pasta and eating it in moderation can benefit your health in many ways.

Choose whole grains

Whole grains are important sources of many nutrients, such as fibre and B vitamins. A whole-grain diet has been shown to reduce energy intake and body weight. Dietary fibre from whole grains can help reduce blood cholesterol and may lower risk of heart disease.

When shopping for pasta, look for whole grain instead of whole wheat or white, which have had more processing and less nutritional value. Whole grain pastas have about the same calories as regular pasta, but because they have added protein and fibre, you’ll feel more satisfied by eating less.

Besides whole wheat, whole-grain pastas also include brown rice, corn and soba noodles.

Choose healthy toppings

Pasta, like many foods, is healthy in moderation. Because high-carbohydrate diets can raise blood sugar levels and have been associated negative health effects, it’s important to keep portion sizes in check. Choose healthy toppings such as vegetables, healthy fats and protein to balance out your meal.

For example, fish and chicken add extra protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Broccoli, bell peppers and tomatoes can provide a boost of nutrients and fibre.

Here are some healthy pasta ideas:

Enjoy pasta as part of a varied diet

Instead of looking at pasta as the enemy, embrace it as a vital energy source. Enjoy it on occasion and pair it with other nutritious foods as part of an overall healthy diet.

Make pasta with Dad

Join us June 16th for our Father’s Day Pasta Class! Spend the afternoon making pasta with Dad this Father’s Day. In our hands-on class, parent and child will hone basic cooking skills while learning how to make pasta from scratch.