What You Need To Know About Poké

One of the ways in which our more global society has benefitted everyone is food. Food is more likely to cross borders and to pop up in the most unusual of places. No longer are we constrained by what’s around us or what people we know have typically cooked. Now, thanks to the internet and cookbooks and travel, we can try foods from countries that are as obscure as the ingredients they might call for.

There’s one dish that we’re super glad has made it across borders—or in this case, across the ocean. Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish that typically relies on fish as its main ingredient. The rise of bowl-based meals has also helped poké grow in popularity. And even though this dish typically uses raw seafood, you can choose to swap in other ingredients. Want to know more about this Hawaiian specialty? Thanks to ZeroCater for this infographic for sharing everything you need to know about Poké.

Never Tried Poké? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Hawaiian Dish